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For webmasters: allow your visitors to send postcards directly from your website using your own postcard images and designs.

  • Easy to integrate without Knowledge in HTML or programming
  • Everything is on your website, no external site is displayed
  • As many postcards as you want without limitations
  • Notifications via email for postcard recipient and for the sender when the postcard is read
  • Image effects with Javascript – compatible with all browsers
  • Delayed sending at a defined date and time
  • Use your own music and background images
  • Statistics about sent and read postcards
  • ... and much more

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Sending free eCards

Simply add the following two lines to your site to enable sending eCards:

<div id="ecardoo"></div>
<script src="//"></script>

To add a "send" link to an image do the following:

<a href="postcard.html#ec.send=myuser.en|">
<img src=""/>

Send a digital postcard to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is originally a Christian festival marking the martyrdom of St. Valentine that became very popular a few centuries ago. However, the past few decades have seen this festival is observed in various parts of the globe as a romantic festival rather than a religious one. It is now accepted all over the world that sending a digital postcard to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day is one of the best ways to express your love for him or her.

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